Project planner, developer, salesman, IT architect, contractor or just a genuine interest in any of our software? No problem, we have something just for you.


Create clarity and structure in your ideas, projects and processes. Visual productivity tool and mind mapping software that takes you and your organization where you want to be. Share maps in GANTT view, scrumboards, flowcharts etc. Collaborate via Co-edit sessions or directly via MS Teams.

Claris FileMaker

Start building business apps today. With built-in templates, drag-and-drop design and an intuitive graphical user interface, you build apps in no time. And your work can be used the second you're done, on any device - that's the power of FileMaker.

Impero Connect

Connect with confidence to any device, platform or network. Maintaining multiple remote access paths is costly and increases the vulnerability of your network. Impero Connect lets you consolidate access with a solution to support devices and end users across your network and over the Internet.


Decisions gives you the power to spark efficiency and engagement among your team, and to make your meetings a space for productive collaboration.
With Decisions’ agenda builder, you can provide direction, support and context to your meeting by crafting a detailed agenda from scratch or re-using a template from a previous meeting.


Edit photos, create logos, illustrate and much more. With CorelDraw, you take your image management to the next level. With professional tools, you are up and running in no time and have fantastic results in minutes. Work on Windows, Mac and iPad.


Digitize your data using ABBYY. Capture physical documents and turn them into a digital archive. Extract data using advanced technology to link it with other systems in the organization and gain control over the entire data flow. You now have a searchable, digital database, over previous physical papers and save both time for you and your organization.


A cyclical planner useful for many different industries.
Many industries can benefit from creating a circular calendar that provides a complete overview across the departments. Plandisc is perfect for schools, associations, marketing departments, the board of directors and human resources departments, among others.