New CorelDRAW 2024

Welcome, CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 2024: The all-in-one tool for graphics, design, and layout opens the door to new, creative worlds.

100 new, pixel-based and totally realistic brushes of all styles are ready for the next graphic adventure. The technique is based on the well-known Corel® Painter® and can be used with any graphic object – non-destructive, of course, and of course in exactly the style you like. Exclusively in the subscription version, there are also additional brush packs with the most popular painting styles.

The new online fonts make it even easier to choose the most beautiful font: All Google fonts are available directly in CorelDRAW, without any download. In addition, the Effects docker/information window has been redesigned, which greatly simplifies the collaboration between Corel PHOTO-PAINT™ and CorelDRAW – because everything is now controlled via a single dialog box.

Of course, many optimizations have also been made in CorelDRAW 2024 in detail: optimizations in performance, stability and functionality, and much of it based on direct user feedback. Graphic design and productive graphics are limitless and more efficient than ever with CorelDRAW 2024, with a whole host of benefits for your daily work.

Claris Inc

New Claris FileMaker 2023

Claris delivers scalability with the launch of Claris FileMaker 2023

FileMaker 2023 is the newest version to the Claris FileMaker platform. Building on the success of the Claris FileMaker 19 open platform, FileMaker 2023 allows you to build the most robust and secure operational apps faster than ever before. Starting with FileMaker 2023, you can expect FileMaker numbering schemes to be based on current year going forward. Upgrading to FileMaker 2023 automatically delivers significant security, performance, and availability improvements. Plus, you have the power to scale the custom operational apps that you have already created with more users and files.

Protected and private — Support for the newest security and authentication protocols shields your apps from threats and vulnerabilities your business may experience. FileMaker now supports Open SSL 3.0, Send Mail with OAuth 2.0 authentication, and audit logging through a new script trigger.

Scale for success — For greater scalability with higher capacity, get up to 1,000 simultaneous Claris FileMaker WebDirect users* and host up to 256 files — all without compromising performance.

Impress your web users — In addition to hosting more web users, Claris FileMaker WebDirect received a backend infrastructure infusion. Hundreds of bugs were addressed, Java 17 is now supported, and you can remove any ghost memory from users who have disconnected — all giving FileMaker WebDirect a big performance boost.

Optimize your deployment with the latest Linux — Support for Ubuntu 22 LTS on Intel and ARM processors offers more customization options, better performance, and greater cost efficiency. Reduce your admin load – Get more power and flexibility for managing your FileMaker deployments. FileMaker Server Admin Console and the FileMaker Data API run on Node.js 18, script errors are now captured in a separate log, you’ll get a notification when scripts finish running on FileMaker Server, and more.

*Connections are limited by hardware, custom app design, active users, operating system, or license agreement/subscription.


New MindManager 23.0

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of MindManager's latest version, 23.0! This new release is packed with new features and improvements that are based on user feedback, surveys, and more.

The new version includes professional templates that were previously only available in MindManager Cloud, but are now also available in MindManager Windows. Additionally, task and project management enhancements have been added, allowing project managers to highlight connected relationships and dependencies and import holidays from .csv and Excel files.

Usability improvements include automated link pasting, making it easier to link to external resources or other topics within MindManager maps, and improved co-editing. Custom icons are now larger and easier to see, and accessibility has been improved for the sign-in and sign-up flows.

There are also several under-the-hood enhancements and fixes that improve the MindManager's usability, such as improved power filters and an all-new spell checker that provides up to 10X reduced text rendering speeds and improved accuracy of rendered text.

Overall, MindManager 2023 is an exciting release that addresses pain points and enhances the user experience, making work more efficient and enjoyable. The new version will be available for both Windows and Cloud, with the Mac version scheduled for release later in 2023.


New CorelDraw 2023

We're excited to announce the release of CorelDraw 2023, packed with tools and enhancements that will help you achieve design success faster than ever before.

One of the most exciting features of this release is the new Variable Outline tool, which allows you to create smooth transitions on seamless curves by interactively adjusting line widths along a path's outline. This tool will enable you to achieve incredible results quickly and easily.

Corel has also focused on improving product quality based on direct user feedback. You can now deliver projects with increased confidence, knowing that the improvements they've made will make your work even better than before.

If you're looking to kickstart your designs, you'll love the exclusive cloud access to over 200 creative templates that they've included in this release. These templates are at your fingertips, ready to help you get started on your next project.

Finally, Corel are excited to offer personalized practice project recommendations that are tailored to your skill level and experience. With these recommendations, you'll be able to learn new techniques and take your designs to the next level.

We hope you'll enjoy using CorelDraw 2023 as much as they enjoyed creating it. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, happy designing!

Read more about CorelDraw 2023.

Claris Inc

Claris FileMaker 19.6 Release

New developer tools to be even more productive and efficient. Claris FileMaker 19.6 continues to deliver significant improvements in performance, security, and reliability, including support for the latest Apple operating systems — macOS Venture, iOS 16, and iPadOS 16. Plus, get even more new tools you can trust to help solve the hard problems that matter to your important business operations.
  • Transactions. Ensure greater data integrity with support for transactions. Using scripts, make changes to records in batches and automatically roll back those changes if an error occurs during the operation. This feature is ideal for accounting, invoicing, and other financial apps when it’s important that modifications to a group of records happen at the same time. Use transactions to create, edit, and delete sets of records.

  • Clone Only backup option. Quickly create a clone of your app hosted on FileMaker Server without first backing up data or verifying the file. This option allows developers to save time if they only need a clone and don’t want to wait for a large file to be backed up.

  • Restrict Admin Console by IP address. To reduce the chance of a brute force attack, FileMaker Server Admin Console and FileMaker Admin API include options to restrict access to Admin Console by IP address.

  • FileMaker WebDirect. Now supports up to 600 concurrent user connections running on Ubuntu Linux.

Claris Inc

Claris Studio & Problem Solver Circle.

In today’s Claris webinar, CEO Brad Freitag started by saying that “Problem solvers are our ecosystem,” giving a shout out to the all-in Claris community of developers and consulting businesses. He and his team detailed a new licensing program, shared additions to the platform, and discussed the future.

- First, Claris is releasing a new product. Peter Nelson, VP of Engineering, referred to his webinar from 8 months ago, where he talked about “New Stuff.” Today, they announced its official name: Claris Studio, available this fall. What we know as Connect today will be folded into Studio. Claris Studio promises to be a modern web experience designed to work with the current Claris products. In this first release, Studio will feature User Views, dashboards, and centralized log-ins.

- Along with this new platform strategy and vision, Claris announced a new program for customers and developers. They call it the Claris Problem Solvers Circle. This program involves a two-year agreement to allow time to try, deploy, and benefit from the entire platform. After two years, customer pricing will increase, but the goal is that the technology will prove its value within businesses

- Claris is focusing on new adopters, offering a freemium version of Claris Pro. This also includes access to Claris Studio. A paid license will be required to deploy a solution to multiple users, but the free version opens the door to try out the software.


CorelDraw subscriber update.

March 2022, A new update to CorelDraw subscribers is released. Updated enhancements;

- Faster Photo Editing
Get incredibly creative with new, non-destructive stackable adjustment presets and a totally transformed Adjustments inspector that's up to 10 times faster than before

- Optimized learning experience
Find personalized learning content in the new Learn inspector, and search online content as you create from the Explore tab.

- Customer-inspired featuresEnjoy many enriched features based on direct suggestions from our loyal users—from timesaving Multipage view and Pages improvements to valuable image editing and export enhancements.

Read more here.


New MindManager 22.

The all-new MindManager 22 is out now. Better than ever, with a few much-anticipated improvements. You can work cross platform via Co-editing, support for SharPoint and OneDirve for macOS and a completely new product in MindManager Essentials. Essentials lets you use MindManager directly in your browser.

Claris Inc

Brand new FileMaker 19.4.

Creating an app has never been easier. With FileMaker 19.4, you can drag and drop ready-made add-ons such as calendars, image galleries, timelines, and more. Start building your first application with the new Quick Start interface that only shows the most necessary tools to start with.


CorelDraw 2021, now released.

Available for Windows and Mac, the new CorelDraw version 2021 is out. With improved performance and completely new tools to make your work easier. Among the new features is a completely new dashboard for working more smoothly between desktop and Opportunity for live comments and now integrated with MS Teams.