Who are we?

Trigono AB

Trigono works as a tight team that ensures results are delivered as soon as possible. The company works multifaceted with both traditional distribution, direct sales, and marketing.

1984, a computer department was started at the publishing house Studentlitteratur, which was named Studentlitteratur Software.
1985, Student Literature enters the computer market in earnest. Then comes the breakthrough for the Apple Macintosh, the first computer that can be used even by those who lack programming skills. Student Literature Software sells the hardware to schools and universities and is also the general agent for the software in Sweden. Student Literature Software has at most 25 percent of the Swedish market for Apple computers.
2005, Student Literature takes the last step on the road to a pure publishing business. Studentlitteratur Software changes its name to Trigono AB and is sold to Studentlitteratur's parent company Bratt International.
2017, after 12 years at Bratt International, Trigono is acquired by CaseKing Group, largely through our other half of the company, which aims at hardware distribution. CaseKing Group is the current owner.



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